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Peter Freiherr

from Liechtenstein

Hans Peter has been interested in history and faith since his near-death experience at the age of six. 

He turns over each stone three times and gets his information from the highest divine source. He loves his research into history, ancient writings, old souls and archaeology.

Many people ask where I get my knowledge from. The following should be said: As an ambassador, it is not my job to explain myself or sow doubt. I've spent years clearing out my own.

Peter Baron of Liechtenstein

Soul Plan

His soul plan is to make ancient and hidden knowledge and wisdom accessible to today's people again. Much modern literature has been subverted. To do this, he uses the connection to countless previous incarnations. Accompany him through many eras of human history in search of clarity, purity and truth in unshakable faith in God. His mission is to gild people's hearts and refine their souls. He studied ancient writings for many years and revealed ancient knowledge so that we can recognize the divine spark and light within us again.


Meaning of life!

When the memory of the past fades, the meaning of life also fades. Without the meaning of life, the meaning of life also disappears and we find ourselves in a collective emptiness. We don't know who we are and where our path is headed. We lose connection to our soul. We have to remember again in order to experience the true core of our soul and find the source. Then the whole truth is revealed to us. The ancient writings are an essential part of our memories. Myths, legends and mysteries give us memories of our roots. You can burn and censor books, the truth is written in the collective field.

Love connects


The ancient writings 

Whether Vedic Santias, Sumerian cuneiforms, Bible, apocryphal gospels, manuscripts, Persian Avesta, etc. Countless ancient writings have been translated and help us to find the truth.


Modern science

DNA analyses, determination of haplogroups, exact dating of finds, satellite images and old maps help us to get closer to the truth.


Myths and legends

Old myths and legends usually have a kernel of truth within them. If you compare these with those of other cultures, impressive things often emerge.


Team work

Networking with many other seekers, professional media and Brahmins brings further impulses and truths to light.


They are among us!

Souls like those of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Noah, Moses, Solomon and other ascended masters are showing up again and speaking to us. They wish the wrongly told stories to be healed.



Modern archeology is increasingly in need of explanation. While she clings to old dogmas, the truth breaks through little by little. 

Speaker and ambassador

Speaker at online conferences

  • Time of change

  • Best of Congress

  • Wonder

  • Live and be free in crisis Germany

  • Completely free

  • Lebensquelle Congress

  • Save yourself who can

  • Goodbye hamster wheel

  • Truth Congress

The all-one


Dr. Michaela Dane

Dr. Monika Haesler-Pastner

Matthias Langwasser

Alicia Kusumitra

Joe Conrad

Ken Jebsen

Paul Schaffron

Stephan - Owner My Palm Leaf

Subina Giuletti

Frank Jacob

Catherine Turner

Thorsten - Censorship No thanks

Götz Wiitnext

Barbara Lietz

Ludwig D. Gartz

Matthes Haug

Steffen Padberg

Rainer Feistle

Katja Jaeger

Kai Stuth

Prof. Dr. Guillaume de Reuter

Ulrich Bohnefeld




Frank Jacob

Filmmaker and award winner
Video 215, 
Video 216

Interlocutor and medium

Dr. Monika Haesler-Pastner

Professional medium and coach

Video 166,Video 190,Video 218


Catherine Turner

Artist and actress. Always looking for the wisdom and truths of life.

Video 145, Video 176, Video 179 


Götz Wittenben

A veteran of alternative media. May he rest in peace and may his soul enter the new era full of light.Video 22,Video 33Video 137


Joe Conrad

A man from the very beginning of the alternative Media reporting and founder of


Matthias Langwasser

Coach for a better world, speaker and communicator.Video 212 

Interlocutor and trainer

Dr. Michaela Dane

Quantum physicist, astronomer, doctor and founder of the Hepatopathy. With her husband Dr. Miguel Corty Continuation of the Indian Banerji Protocols.Video 27Video 28Video 29Video 73Video 221 


Subina Giuletti

Subina is a successful book author and writes books for the soul.Video 198


Paul Schaffron

He is a pioneer in organizing palm leaf readings from afar in Bali, a highly spiritual and loving person.Video 116

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