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Below is an overview of the seminars to be booked...

Freedom is the greatest good on earth. however, it requires something that many are not willing to invest in. It's called "personal responsibility." We like to hand over responsibility and let others take care of it for us. To a certain extent, this helps to cope with everyday life. Handling over administrative tasks is a good way to optimize your time management. However, giving up responsibility for your own decisions is fatal. Father state and mother church (university) know better what is good for us. The citizen is declared immature. Anyone who gives up freedom for security will eventually lose both. History has more than proven this. Take responsibility for yourself again and take your life into your own hands.


Freedom seminar

First steps towards personal freedom. what is a legal entity, a natural person, how do I get my rights back? What actions are necessary for this? What is a living declaration, security agreement, name use agreement, etc...? 
Recording: You will receive a video link and can watch the video as many times as you like! € 109.-


Fight against debt collection, asset protection

Access to your assets against third parties! What rights do I have and how can I claim them? Law Basics on the subject of debt collection, executors, and securing assets in a foundation.

Recording: You will receive a video link and can watch the seminar as many times as you like. € 109.-


Authorities and rights

What should a commercial letter look like? Letter against GEZ. what is civil servant liability How do I deal with a letter without a signature? What rights do the police have? Many sample letters from practice for your first steps. 

Recording: You will receive a video link and can watch the seminar as often as you like. € 109.-

How do I manifest happiness, prosperity, love?

achieve inner and outer fullness

Learn fundamental knowledge and techniques for successful manifestation and become a better version of yourself! Question old beliefs and create new ones. It's about recognizing your own true nature, living your soul plan and trusting. Ancient techniques and wisdom help us with this. The theory of signatures, quabalistics, ancient wisdom of the ancient philosophers who knew the answer, whereas today a lot of literature is misleading. Create a new consciousness for yourself, be worth the coin again, constructive solutions await you in a new consciousness. Dissolve karmic entanglements. You have the possibility of your own revelation. 

Service: 8 x 120 minutes training/Zoom call live, templates for quabalsitics and documents worth € 900.-.

Do you want to grow in yourself and are you ready to explore new paths? We need exactly those people, those who put their hearts into it and want to have a great collective experience. If you want to be a part, contact us.  

There are recordings of every appointment for follow-up.

Total costs including documents: 999.- 

New date coming soon!

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