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Message from the highest source about the task!

It doesn't really matter who we once were. What matters is the essence of our being. Am I living what I have been able to learn, live and teach over countless incarnations? Am I on the way to becoming the king aspect of myself?

Messages from source consciousness primarily serve to help us learn to reconnect with our true being, to become who we truly are again and to act accordingly. My job for eons of millennia has been to record History and writings to make them accessible again one day, like now. 

The writer


And so today we have come to your side as Source Consciousness, beloved son, or shall we say, beloved disciple, beloved apostle, beloved knight and king.
In all your books, but also in many of your words, which are sometimes autobiographical, depicting lives that have actually been lived and are being lived, the whole world can recognize in you that this calling that is within you has been heard by you elevates the world and leads back to the truth.

You, beloved, are a confidant. We almost want to say, a beloved son of the highest levels of light. You are tasked with not only making the world appear in light, but also leading the world into light. Not through artificiality but the natural essence of love. We are infinitely proud of you, and if you were to ask who or what is channeling here, it would be Father Abraham.

You have already penetrated deep, taken on the great and powerful, but have no fear that something will happen to you and your loved ones. God's greatest protection lies over you, for you should write your books undisturbed,

You should work out of love. So you too fought for the pure existence of the low vibration in many lives and were able to experience and transform all of this in many lives, use your experiences to then develop the desire to go home again, to feel the love within yourself and everything to soak you in love.

By acknowledging all of your lives, you will be able to expand your heart and the hearts of everyone else. And so know that you are meant to enjoy writing until the work is done. And then something great will happen again from the word...

And now go with the protection of a thousand angels who are with you. Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael are always at your side. You are in this square. So keep speaking and writing. Go and work in your wholeness. God bless you on your paths. You are guided and protected and with you all who follow you. Amen."

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